House of Representatives

Speaker of House

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Catherine Qian

Catherine first participated in Walker Model Congress as a volunteer but has since served as Chair of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and Vice-Chair of the Democratic National Convention as part of last year's JCC. She is thrilled to serve as the Speaker of the House this year and looks forward to meeting all the delegates! In addition to Model Congress, Catherine is the captain of the Quizbowl team, the Secretary-General for GSMUN XXI, and President of TJHCHS and French NHS. She enjoys volunteering for Music Orchard as a violin mentor and on her local library's Teen Advisory Board. When not working on stuff for her extracurriculars or college applications, Catherine finds joy in Leonardo DiCaprio movies, Mexican food, Bertrand Russell's philosophy, and anything by F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

House Leadership


Som Mohapatra: House Minority

Som, a junior at Maggie Walker, is very excited to serve as the House Minority Leader for Walker Model Congress this year. He has been involved in Model Congress since freshman year, with Model Congress being one of the first clubs he joined at Maggie Walker. Since then, he has gathered lots of experience as a delegate, vice-chair, and chair. Som is also an active member of many other clubs at Maggie Walker, serving as the head of finance in the robotics team, Director of Technology of Maggie Walker's Model United Nations conference, and an actively participating member of the debate team. In his free time, Som enjoys playing basketball, volunteering, hanging out with friends, and learning pretty much whatever he can.

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Adam blankenship

Adam Blankenship is a senior at Maggie Walker and is very excited to serve as this year’s House Majority Leader. He joined Maggie Walker’s Model Congress Club as a sophomore and chaired last year’s Intelligence committee. Outside of Model Congress, he is a football coach, as well as a long-time employee at Chick-fil-a, where he always makes sure to add in 1 or 2 extra nuggets.


Oversight & Government Reform


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Carter Morgan

My name is Carter Morgan and I’m a junior at Maggie Walker and this is my first year doing anything with Model Congress officially, although I did volunteer to help out on WMC day the past two years. I play soccer and run cross country and track all year round, and I want to go to college at either Princeton or UVA. I’m also a lifeguard so if anyone starts dying during WMC I can at least professionally attempt to save you. Follow me on Instagram @carterm1728.


Emmy Li

My name is Emmy Li and I'm currently a sophomore at Maggie Walker. Last year, I was a vice chair for the Democratic National Convention 2016 Committee. At school, I participate in other clubs such as Future Problem Solving, Spanish Club, and Model UN. I play basketball and I have a huge passion for sports in general. My favorite teams are the Patriots and the Lakers. A fun fact about me is that I've been a vegan since birth. I'm truly looking forward to co-chair this year's house committee for Oversight and Government Reform and can not wait to meet all of you!


International Relations



Avery Bowers

As a middle schooler, Avery Bowers developed an interest in debate and current issues. Now, as a sophomore at Maggie Walker, he channels his passion for politics into Walker Model Congress. Avery has attended and won awards at past Model Congress conferences, and he was a vice chair for the DEA Committee at WMC last year. Additionally, Avery enjoys sports and movies and plays on the Maggie Walker varsity basketball and golf teams. He is extremely excited for WMC 2018 and can not wait for the conference to begin.


Bikal Sharma

Bikal Sharma, a sophomore at Maggie Walker, is absolutely thrilled to be co-chairing the House Committee on International Relations at WMC 2018! Since the seventh grade, Bikal has been heavily involved in both Model Congress and Model United Nations, participating in several conferences and winning multiple awards along the way. His love for debate extends across his extracurriculars, as he participates in both debate and MLWGS Young Democrats. He attended WMC 2015 and 2016 as a delegate and vice-chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee at WMC 2017. Among other things, Bikal enjoys pursuing his career in medicine, being on the MLWGS Quizbowl Team, and playing volleyball and soccer.


Education and Workforce



Hannah Lee 

Hannah Lee, a senior at Maggie Walker, is happy to be co-chairing the House Committee in Education and the Workforce during WMC 2018. Hannah first participated in Model Congress as a vice-chair in WMC 2017. She would later serve as a co-chair in the following year. When she’s not busy with schoolwork, Hannah likes to listen to music, paint, watch movies, and occasionally read a novel or two.


Yumna Rahman

Yumna Rahman and is a junior at Maggie Walker and she’s chairing for the second time at Walker Model Congress. She has loved Model Congress since becoming more involved with the club last year and since then she has traveled to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a delegate in UPenn’s Model Congress Conference and is look forward to attending more MoCo conferences in the future. Currently she is the treasurer of the MoCo school club and is very excited to chair in WMC 2018. Her other hobbies include Model UN, playing the violin, and dancing in the school’s bhangra team. In the future Yumna hopes to continue her study of the Arabic language and also learn American Sign Language.



Science, Space, and Technology



Isabel Li

Isabel Li is a Maggie Walker sophomore who is looking forward to chairing the Science, Space, and Technology Committee this year. She attended the conference as a delegate in middle school, and is excited to move from Crisis staffing to chairing a committee in this Model Congress. When Isabel is not drowning in school-related existential crises, she enjoys drawing, running track, and making impromptu speeches about obscure historical events that absolutely no one cares about.

looks forward to working with Alex Nikolov, whom he has known since early childhood, and has fantastic synergy with.


Alex Nikolov

Alex Nikolov is a junior at Maggie Walker who's looking forward to this year's Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Over the years, Alex has stayed involved with Walker Model Congress as a delegate, vice-chair, and volunteer, but this will be his first time chairing a WMC committee. When Alex isn't writing third person biographies about himself, he enjoys playing tennis and wearing sweaters. At school, Alex is a member of Model UN and Russian Club, two ways to explore his love for diplomacy and Putin. He has no doubt this will be a great committee, and eagerly awaits working with the delegates and his all-too-friendly co-chair, Josh Pei.


Homeland Security



Ethan Ringer

Ethan Ringer is a Sophomore at Maggie Walker and is excited to be co-chairing the Homeland Security committee this year.  Ethan has participated in WMC as a delegate and then again as a vice chair. Ethan’s enjoyment of public discourse can be seen in his other clubs like debate and Model U.N.  When not doing something for school, Ethan likes to watch movies and TV.


Megan bale

Megan Bale is a junior at Maggie Walker, and loves running track and baking. Be warned: she makes puns all the time, and will more than likely make several throughout the conference. Megan participated in WMC as a middle schooler, and is excited to chair the Homeland Security committee this year and to share her love for law and government studies.