Board of Directors


Priya Singh, Executive Director

Priya Singh, a senior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, is enthusiastic to serve as Executive Director at Walker Model Congress 2018. She started participating in Model Congress in eighth grade when she attended Walker Model Congress as a delegate on the House International Relations committee. In her four years of high school, she has been a staff member for WMC, previously serving as a volunteer, chair, and Director of House Committees. In addition, she attended Princeton Model Congress in 2016 where she won Honorable Mention in the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Model Congress has taught her important life skills such as communication, public speaking, and leadership. It has also expanded on her interest in government and politics, encouraging her to pursue a career in public health. Outside of Model Congress, she is a chair for Governor’s School Model United Nations, a mentee at the VCU Pathology Department, and a dog-enthusiast.


Kaity McCullough, Undersecretary

Kaity McCullough is a junior at Maggie Walker, and is looking forward to working as Undersecretary for this year’s Walker Model Congress. She quickly fell in love with the program after chairing for the House Education and Public Works Committee, and sought to serve in a position that affords others the same incredible opportunity she had. Chairing allowed her to see the immense amount of passion delegates bring to the conference, and enabled her to hear the variety of innovative ideas they proposed to solve national issues while they navigated the difficult waters of party politics and the legislative process. Kaity has grown immensely through her participation in WMC, gaining crucial communication and leadership skills that have helped her in and out of school. She is eager to work under the leadership of Priya Singh, as well as with all the staff members to create and host Walker Model Congress 2018. 


Alan Lai, Director of Outreach

Alan Lai, a junior at MLWGS, is delighted to serve as the Director of Outreach for this year’s Walker Model Congress. This is his third year participating in Maggie Walker’s Model Congress club and his first year serving as a board member. Prior to this, Alan has been a vice chair, as well as a chair for WMC. In addition to Model Congress, Alan also participates in other school clubs such as Model UN. In his free time, he enjoys spending his time playing basketball, swimming, and running track. In the winter, he plays basketball for the school team, and in the spring, he participates on the outdoor track and field team. Outside of school, he plays piano occasionally and dedicates a lot of his time to volunteering at a nearby hospital and the science museum. On the off chance that he has nothing to do, the first thing he does is take a nice, healthy, long nap.


Idoia Dizon, Director of Fundraising and Philanthropy

Idoia Dizon is a senior at Maggie Walker Governor’s School, and is beyond excited to serve as Director of Philanthropy for Walker Model Congress 2018. She began participating in Model Congress in her sophomore year, and has since chaired the House Homeland Security committee and House Transportation and Infrastructure committee. Through over two years of rewarding Model Congress experience, Idoia has enjoyed the enthusiasm shown by delegates when working to solve historical and contemporary problems faced by our national government. Outside of Model Congress, Idoia also chairs for Governor’s School Model United Nations, and volunteers for the Science Museum of Virginia and the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU.


Nathaniel Gregory, Director of House Committees

Nathaniel Gregory is a junior at Maggie Walker and is thrilled to be directing the House Committees for Walker Model Congress! He has always loved delving into politics and government and chaired for the Homeland Security committee his sophomore year. In addition to Model Congress, he also enjoys math and science, being on the track team, and working with Healthy Kids Running Series. Nathaniel can’t wait to work with everyone during this year’s session of WMC.


Spencer Smith, Director of Senate Committees

Spencer, a junior at Maggie Walker, is ecstatic to be serving as the Director of Senate Committees. After vice-chairing the Environment and Public Works committee last year, Spencer is ready to reprise his role and help ensure that WMC 2018 is the best conference yet. Ever since working as a page for the VA House of Delegates in 2015, he has developed a keen interest in politics and debate. Outside of model congress and politics, Spencer runs cross country and track, participates in numerous clubs, plays guitar, and works to catch up on volunteer hours. When not frantically studying for the test he forgot about, Spencer also enjoys listening to music, reading, watching literally anything on Netflix, and sleeping for days at a time.


Cade Elliott, Director of Special Committees

Cade Elliott is a senior at Maggie Walker, and is delighted to serve as Director of Special Committees for this year’s Walker Model Congress. He started participating in Model Congress as a sophomore, chairing the House Education and Workforce Committee, and chaired the 1968 Republican Convention as a junior.  Outside of school, Cade spends most of his time swimming competitively at NOVA of Virginia Aquatics and on the Maggie Walker swim team.  He thoroughly enjoys traveling the world with his family, having been to 39 countries and all seven continents.  Cade can’t wait to help make Walker Model Congress 2018 the best one yet!


Lauren O'Neil, Chief of Volunteer Staff

Lauren O’Neil is a junior at Maggie Walker and is thrilled to serve as the Chief of Staff for Walker Model Congress this year. Last year, Lauren served on the Foreign Affairs Committee as a vice-chair and absolutely loved encouraging and interacting with delegates from a wide range of schools. Lauren was particularly impressed with the work she has seen the volunteers do the past two years and knew she wanted to be involved in volunteering this year. Aside from Model Congress, Lauren is also involved in a wide range of clubs and activities such as Club Asia, Future Medical Professionals, Relay for Life, Ping Pong Club, and Walker Soccer, where she was a JV captain this past year. Outside of school, Lauren also loves to play tennis, cook, and watch way too much Netflix. Lauren encourages anyone who wants to be involved in the 2017-18 conference to contact her and volunteer with your friends!


Conner Thomas, Director of Crisis Simulations

Conner Thomas, a junior at Maggie Walker, can barely contain his excitement to serve as the Director of Crises at this year’s Walker Model Congress. This is his second year as a part of the Model Congress Club and first as a member of the board. Before this position, Conner served as the #3 crisis staffer at last year’s WMC. He really enjoyed the way that he was able to help participants in WMC to cooperate and use their creativity to solve problems often posed by him or other staffers. Outside of Model Congress, Conner is very active in athletics like Ultimate Frisbee, Cross Country, and JV soccer. He loves how Model Congress helps get him out of his comfort zone and allows him to make a fool of himself in front of a committee to help them laugh and deliberate on a more complex issue. Away from the school campus, Conner loves hanging out with friends, hiking, interacting with the outdoors, and reading a good book.


Tara Ram Mohan, Director of Technology

Tara Ram Mohan, a junior at Maggie Walker, is ecstatic to be serving as the Director of Technology for WMC 2018. Since chairing alongside Kaity McCullough for the House Education and Public Works Committee, Tara  has not only witnessed the enthusiasm for civic education and discussion between her delegates but has also diversified her leadership and debate abilities by engaging with her fellow chairs. Aside from the wonders of Model Congress, Tara is co-captain of the Debate Team, vice-president of Bhangra Club, and Director of Development for Silence Hurts. During her few waning hours of freetime, Tara occupies herself by obsessively crafting or protecting the world from crime with her third-degree black belt. Tara hopes to ensure a rewarding and worthwhile experience with few technological interruptions for the rising delegates of WMC 2018.


Kelly Richters, Director of Logistics

Kelly, a senior at Maggie Walker, is thrilled to be the Director of Logistics for WMC 2018. She has been in Model Congress since her freshman year, first as a vice chair and then as Deputy Director of Logistics in her sophomore year. She enjoys doing the behind the scenes work to make sure everyone has a memorable experience. Outside of Model Congress, she pitches fast pitch softball; binge-watches movies, TV shows and Casey Neistat on YouTube; stays connected with all forms of social media; and creates interesting playlists on Spotify.


Kamya Sanjay, Director of Press and Publications

Kamya Sanjay is a junior at Maggie Walker and is positively elated to be serving as Director of Press and Publications. Having served on the WMC Weekender staff during the 2017 conference, Kamya looks forward to working with a team of talented and passionate individuals to bring hardworking WMC delegates news that is factual, scintillating, and that sparks constructive debate. On behalf of the WMC Weekender, she hopes to facilitate the conference in being informative, memorable, and inspiring for all delegates. In school, Kamya employs her love for journalism as the Editor in Chief of Maggie Walker's school newspaper, the Jabberwock. She is captain of Maggie Walker's LD debate team and president of Maggie Walker's Operation Smile Nonprofit Chapter. Kamya's non-scholastic indulgences include Classical Indian dance,  contemporary R&B, obsessive journalling, incorrect Latin subjunctive parsing, and profound existential anguish.