Preparing for Committee


Learning about your committee

Each committee has a briefing which highlights two issues that the committee will address at the conference. Not only do they give a summary of the issue, but they also offer additional sources for research and questions to help you formulate your own opinions on the subject. Briefings can be found under the "Committees" navigation. 

Position Papers

All delegates are required to write a position paper about their stance and reasoning on the two issues mentioned in the briefings for the committee. The position paper should be around two pages (one page for each topic), double-spaced, and 12-point font. Delegates are expected to discuss the issues brought up in the committee briefing, explore the sources given provided by the chair in the briefing, and complete their own research. Position papers must be either emailed to the chair beforehand or given to the chair at the first committee session. 

*Delegates do NOT have to prepare a bill before committee, only a position paper. Drafting legislation will take place in committee. 

Parliamentary Procedure

All committees will follow the same set of rules for parliamentary procedure. 

Read A Delegate's Guide to Parliamentary Procedure for more info. 


All delegates are expected to wear western business attire for all committee sessions. This entails dress pants, dress shirts, blouses, skirts below the finger tips, and dresses below the finger tips. 

What to bring

We suggest that delegates bring money with them to contribute to our fundraiser for Health Brigade. We will be selling WMC shirts, running bake sales, and giving prizes to committees as part of our fundraising. Cash, checks, and cards will be accepted. 

Delegates are allowed to bring food with them to committee as long as they clean up after themselves and are not disruptive. However, please note that lunch and breakfast will be provided on the Saturday (Feb. 17th) of the conference. 


If you have a question about the conference in general, please contact Priya Singh at If you have a question or concern about your specific committee, please contact your chairs at the listed email on the committee pages.