Special Committee: JCC 2016 Conventions (Dem)

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Email: wmc2018.democrats@gmail.com 

Meet Your Chairs


jenny glazier

Jenny Glazier, a senior at Maggie Walker, is looking forward to co-chairing the 2016 Democratic National Convention committee with her best friend Julia Ball. This is the fifth year Jenny has participated in Walker Model Congress, serving as both a delegate and a chair. Jenny enjoys studying languages and history and hopes to become an international human rights lawyer. This year, she is working with an immigration lawyer to take the first steps towards this goal. In her free time, she loves to travel the world, binge-watch Woody Allen movies, and spend time with her friends. Jenny is looking forward to meeting passionate delegates and lively debate about some of her favorite issues!


julia ball

Julia Ball, a senior at Maggie Walker, is thrilled to be co-chairing the Democratic National Convention (2016) Special Committee with Jenny Glazier, one of her best friends and a Model Congress pro.  One of Julia’s academic passions (besides WMC) is genetics and its relation to oncology, a subject that she will be studying this year under the mentorship of Dr. Shiang at VCU. Julia’s life outside of school revolves around music and tennis. She mainly sings and plays bass, but also writes some original acoustic guitar music. Julia is hoping to stimulate exciting, well-informed debate, and looks forward to meeting some enthusiastic delegates!


Special Committee: JCC 2016 Conventions (Rep)

Committee Information and briefings

EMAIL: WMC2018.republicans@GMAIL.COM 



Dominic Dao

Dominic Dao, a sophomore at Maggie Walker, wishes he could change his last name to Toretto and live his life a quarter-mile at a time, but he’ll have to settle... for getting to be a chair for WMC 2017! When he first participated in WMC as a delegate, he forgot to write a position paper and to wear a suit, yet he has ended up enjoying the WMC Little Caesar's Pizza for the past 4 years now. He has participated in the JCC convention committees before, so he is hopeful what the new delegates can bring this year. Besides being a member of Model Congress, Dominic also plays the trombone in the Maggie Walker jazz band and tennis for the Maggie Walker team. Additionally, he likes to code and read in his free time. He can’t wait to meet all of the new delegates and is looking forward to this year’s conference!


Samuel Thornton

Samuel Thornton is looking forward to chairing JCC Republicans 2016 in this years’ Model Congress conference. He is a rising senior here at Maggie Walker.  Samuel attended the conference as a delegate for the first time in 2014 as a part of the Judiciary committee. He has previously vice-chaired for the respective versions of JCC Republicans during the conference in 2015 as well as in 2017. He is extremely excited to chair this year once again. Samuel thoroughly enjoys football, basketball, baseball, or golf, whether he is watching or playing. He also is very active in his church and attends various youth group activities within it. Samuel hopes that you all are looking forward to this year’s conference as much as he is. Good luck!


Special Committee: Supreme Court of the United States

EMAIL: wmc2018.scotus@gmail.com

Committee information and briefings



Donovan Reynolds

Donovan Reynolds is very excited to be chairing the SCOTUS this year. He is the MLWGS Model Congress Club President, and has participated in WMC since 2014, when he was a delegate for Manchester Middle School. Previously, Donovan has chaired a Foreign Affairs Committee, and served as House Minority Leader. In addition to Model Congress, Donovan loves American Sign Language, volleyball, and wrestling.



Sammy Guinn

Sammy Guinn, a junior at Maggie Walker, is very excited to be co-chairing the Supreme Court of the United States! Sammy has been deeply involved with Model Congress and Model United Nations since his freshman year. In addition to Model Congress, Sammy loves playing tennis, studying history and government, camping with his Boy Scout troop, and spending time with family and friends.  He is looking forward to working with enthusiastic delegates and his excellent co-chair, Donovan Reynolds, this year at WMC.


Special Committee: CIA

committee information and briefings

EMAIL: wmc2018.cia@gmail.com 

meet your chairs


Ashton Longo  

Ashton Longo, a junior at Maggie Walker, is very excited to be chairing the Executive Office of the CIA with his fantastic co-chair. Outside of Walker Model Congress, Ashton enjoys playing rugby, wrestling, and running cross country. He studies both Spanish and Italian and Maggie Walker and enjoys volunteering at summer camps and the SPCA as well as hanging out with his family and friends. Ashton is very excited to be chairing at WMC this year and is looking forward to working with his co-chair, Maya Qureshi, for the 2017-2018 WMC year.


Maya Qureshi 

Maya Qureshi, a junior at Maggie Walker, is looking forward to co-chairing the Executive Office of the CIA! In addition to Walker Model Congress, Maya is on the field hockey and soccer teams at Maggie Walker. She enjoys studying Spanish and math, as well as volunteering at the JCC. Outside of school, she loves playing her guitar, spending time with friends, and travelling. She is very excited to be chairing this club in addition to her other studies and is looking forward to working with her awesome co-chair, Ashton Longo, for this 2017-2018 WMC year.


Special Committee: Reagan Cabinet

committee information and briefings

EMAIL: wmc2018.reagancabinet@gmail.com


Nikhil Paul

Nikhil Paul is a junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. He looks forward to chairing the dynamic Reagan Cabinet. Nikhil has been a member of both Model UN and Model Congress since 8th grade through attending several conferences and chairing several committees. Other clubs that Nikhil actively participates in include LiNK, Debate, and Ping Pong club. Outside of school, Nikhil enjoys watching and playing basketball, football, and soccer (although he is partial towards basketball). Additionally, Nikhil actively volunteers at the Science Museum, VCU Hospital, and the Special Olympics. He looks forward to an awesome committee with his fellow comrade and co-chair, Joey Mistretta.


Joey Mistretta

Joey Mistretta is a junior at Maggie Walker, and he is excited to chair the Reagan Cabinet.  Joey is no stranger to politics, serving as the president of Maggie Walker’s Young Republicans club, and has also been heavily involved in Model UN, Debate, and Forensics.  He’s also an officer in the junior class government and ASL club, as well as a performer in Maggie Walker’s improv comedy team.  In his free time, Joey swims competitively year-round, trains as a black belt in tae kwon do, and worked as a lifeguard at his favorite place, Kings Dominion.  Joey is pumped to chair the best committee at WMC with his brotha from anotha motha, Nikhil Paul.